Red Light Therapy Blanket for Horses Back

These easy-to-use red light therapy blankets for horses’ backs are non-invasive and can provide natural and healthy treatment. We are a Chinese supplier of red light blankets for horses, supporting custom brands

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Improve The Symptoms of Horse back

  • Back pain
  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Muscle soreness
  • Injure
  • Discomfort when the girth is tightened

Red Light Therapy Blanket Specifications

Model RH-2
Wavelengths RED 660nm & NIR 850nm
LED Power 60W
Pulse 10Hz
Timer 15 mins
Lifetime 100,000 hours
Quantity of LED 120 PCS *0.5 W
Weight 2.5 kg
Material Styrene | Butadiene | Rubber(SBR)
Warranty 1 year
Customizing Wavelength / Logo / Size / Package

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