Horse Solarium, Blue, Infrared, Red Light Therapy for Horse

Horse solarium is an LED light therapy device that uses blue, infrared, and red light therapy for horses, which provides a spectrum of light and heat similar to the sun’s rays, and is used to provide sunbathing and light therapy to horses.

horse solariums can provide the horse with the light they need to remain fit, healthy, and energized, recharge more quickly after bathing or exercise. This useful during colder months or in climates where horses may not have access to natural sunlight for extended periods.

Horse solariums are commonly used in equine therapy centers, professional equestrian facilities, and high-end equine care facilities. We are a horse solarium manufacturer and supplier in China, supporting custom logos on your brand and dropshipping.

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Horse Solarium Specifications

WavelengthsRed 660nm, Near-infrared 850nm, Blue 450nm
SizeLength:43″(1100mm), Width: 39″(1000mm), Height:4.3″(110mm)
Weight15Kg /33Lb
Control ModeManual Knob Switch
Number of Light Bars6 pieces
Quantity of LED1512pcs (720pcs 660nm, 720pcs 850nm, 72pcs 450nm)
Lense Angle120 degrees
Lifetime100,000 hours
Waterproof GradeIP65
LED Power700W
Electrical Input100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Warranty1 year
CustomizingWavelength / Logo / Size / Package
Blue and Infrared Red Light Therapy for Horse
Blue and Infrared Red Light Therapy for Horse

Blue, Infrared and Red Light Therapy for Horse

Both blue, infrared and red light have specific wavelengths that can penetrate the skin and have therapeutic effects on cells and tissues.

Red light therapy can stimulate cellular activity, enhance collagen production, and support tissue repair, which is often used for wound healing, skin conditions, and general wellness in horses.

Infrared light therapy can reduce inflammation, promote blood circulation, and provide pain relief, which is commonly used to address musculoskeletal issues in horses, such as muscle soreness, arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries.

Blue light therapy can kill the bacteria that cause acne without damaging surrounding skin tissue, and improve the appearance of aging or sun-damaged skin for skin rejuvenation. It also can help regulate circadian rhythms and improve mood, keeping the horse calm.

Horse Solarium Benefits

Promoting muscle relaxation and stretching helps to reduce muscle fatigue and tension.

Improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, and help accelerate recovery and wound healing.

Helps to relieve joint pain and inflammation and promote joint flexibility.

Stimulating the production of collagen can make the skin smoother and firmer, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and improve the aged or sunburned skin.

Treat acne by killing bacteria that cause acne without damaging the surrounding skin tissue.

Help regulate circadian rhythm and improve mood, and relieve the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder in autumn and winter with short daytime.

Horse Solarium Light
Horse Solarium Light
Red Infrared Horse Solarium
Red Infrared Horse Solarium

Easy to Install and Operate

Light bar with snap-on design for easy installation and dismount. 

Wide irradiation area with 270° coverage of the horse’s body.

Supports on-screen control when linking multiple groups, can be timed and dimmed.

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