Red Light Therapy for Dogs

red light therapy for dogs
red light therapy for dogs

Red Light Therapy for Dogs at Home

Is your dog suffering from arthritis, ACL, and pain? Red light therapy for dogs is a safe and effective therapy that can be used at home to address dog’s various health issues or promote overall wellness.

Red light therapy for dogs is recommended by veterinarians because red light therapy works by stimulating energy production within the cell so that damaged or aging cells can repair themselves better and work more efficiently.

Red light therapy has many benefits for dogs, especially in Postoperative rehabilitation, pain relief, wound healing, and health maintenance. The following are some potential benefits of red light therapy on dogs:

Red Light Therapy Benefits for Dogs

Red light therapy can help relieve the pain of dogs, including arthritis, muscle spasm, trauma and so on. It helps to relieve pain and improve the comfort of dogs.

For dogs with wounds or after surgery, red light therapy is helpful to promote the rehabilitation process of injured dog, which can increase blood flow, speed up cell regeneration and promote wound healing and reduce the risk of infection.
Red light therapy can reduce inflammation and is beneficial to dogs with arthritis, soft tissue inflammation or other inflammatory diseases.
Red light therapy can improve joint flexibility and help to slow down joint stiffness caused by age or other factors in dogs.
Red light therapy is helpful to relieve muscle fatigue and improve sports performance, especially for competitive dogs or working dogs.
by promoting the activity of immune cells, red light physiotherapy can enhance the immune system function of dogs and improve the body’s resistance to diseases.
Red light therapy for dogs at home
Red light therapy for dogs at home

Red Light Therapy Pads for Dogs

Vet bills can be costly, an easy solution to increase a dogs natural energy level can be to use Red Light Therapy Pads.

How Red Light Therapy Work for Dogs

Red light (660nm) is very efficiently absorbed by the skin’s layers and is well suited for applications such as acupuncture points, treating wounds and infections. 

Near-infrared light (850nm) penetrates to a deeper level and is used to treat tendons, ligaments, bones, joints, and muscles. it can improve the dog’s natural healing mechanism and thus accelerate the treatment time of diseases.

The Red light photons emitted from our pads can be absorbed by your dog’s cells and then will be converted to energy. This energy produced will then convert internally and stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the most active ingredient for energy production for nerve impulse and muscle contraction, not to mention speeding up the body’s response to heal and regenerate damaged tissues at the same time.

red light therapy pads for dogs
red light therapy pads for dogs
red light therapy dog
red light therapy dog

Who's Interested in Dog Red Light Therapy Devices

Here are some potential customers who may be interested in our dog red light therapy devices:

Dog owners may be interested in red light therapy devices to help their dogs relieve pain, promote rehabilitation or improve their quality of life.
Veterinary clinics, pet hospitals and other pet medical institutions may seek red light therapy to assist the treatment and rehabilitation of dogs.
Institutions that focus on animal rehabilitation, such as rehabilitation centers and professional treatment institutions, may need red light therapy pads.
Military police dog unit may be interested in red light therapy pads to improve the rehabilitation speed and work efficiency of working dogs.
Businesses operating pet foster care, custody or feeding centers may be interested in red light therapy products to provide more comprehensive nursing services.

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